she's not crazy just a little misunderstood...

This is me. Smiles included.=)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am a little sad now. the Cardinals lost to the Rex Sox. I mean, come on. The Red Sox. How did a team that won more games than any other team in both the AMerican league and the national league lose?
It was a bad night all around, including work. The employees there were a littke out of hand today, not listening to me. Now, i am a VERY nice person. So, tell me why today i yelled at every cashier? Sigh....i am sad. Nothing can hide it.:(

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Card Won!`!!!!!

OMG, so the Cardinals actually did it!!!!! Words can't really express how i feel right now, which is a little crazy in itself. My parents were at the game today while i luckily got to watch it sitting on my bed on the television. It was worth it to see the Cards reaction over and over again. You should have seen my friend and i jumping up and down and screaming. My brother and my nephew came over, and my nephew Justin just kept repeating "We won, aunt Sarah, we won!"Ahh, 4 year olds. My mom called me from the game and i could barely hear her from all of the cheering. Yes, it is a great night in st.louis. Not to great in Houston. Although I do have to say that it was highly ammusing to see the signs, " Houston, you have a problem..." Ok, enough of this. I must get some sleep. I actually have to get up for school tomorrow sometime and do layout for the paper.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

SO, this is just a testing post....

The real one wont actually start until november 12th i think, when my ej account expires. I mean, i love ej, but this one looks way cooler. Hows that use of words for a future journalist?=)
I've been pretty busy with school lately, and work, and the cardinals. All of which take up alot of time.:( All i really want to do is sleep. And I am not getting it. ANyways, i"m going to keep on posting until in ej for awhile, but don't worry, I'll be seening you soon.