she's not crazy just a little misunderstood...

This is me. Smiles included.=)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

nothing crazy

Nothing too crazy going on today. Minus watching the cards game. Its the top of the 13th and its still tied 10/10. It was gorgeous out today so i went for a walk around the neighborhood. Definitely worked off part, haha part, of the chicken parmasean(sp) that i made for dinner. Just the chicken though, no noodles. Definitely ready for the weekend and sleeping in.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I had to share

My friend told me tonight, and i quote, " OMG, your life is like a movie, and you're the star!" Meaning a romantic comedy where there are mishaps and shananagins that happen but eventually things work out in the end. Will that happen? I don't know! (for some reason i want to insert 'turn off the lights, and i GLOW!' by vanilla Ice. hahahahaha

Paperwork paperwork paperwork

Gettings things finalized today FINALLY. I didnt know it woudl be so much work. Getting it together for sure.

Monday, August 23, 2010

aug 23

Today i didnt do too much, i hung out with a good friend to get some drinks after work. She's having a tough time right now in her relationship and it just sucks. Makes me kinda glad im not in one because she looked miserable. But on the other hand, i really would love to be in her situation. Make sense? Not really to me, either.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

hello again

I forgot i still had this blog, but i havent been doing anything too interesting lately. I really need to blog more, because i have been told i could write a book about all of the weird, random things that happen in my life. Some funny, some not. But the only way to remember them is to blog. So, here we go. I'm still in love with the boy i was in love with 5 years ago, and still nothing has been said. But he is newly single by a few months and I am trying to get my nerve up to make a move. So, we'll see. And we have been hanging out ALOT lately.

Monday, November 09, 2009


i feel deflated.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

train story!

So yesterday while leaving school and going to the train i had an interesting expirience. I was catching the train from class and was running a bit late. My train was already at the station, and the train going the opposite way(going right-mine was going left) was coming. It was still far enough away that i could run across the tracks and make my train. I didnt want to wait the half hour for the next train, so being my stupid self i ran across the tracks, trying to beat the train. So what happens? I slip on the snow. Try to get up, and slip once again. And again. The train is now about twenty feet away from me. People on the platform are staring at me in awe, yet none of them helping me. The horn is honking on the train, which is quickly approaching. Finally, i roll out of the way literally seconds before being hit. I was about a foot away, if that, from the train rushing by me on the right side. After the train stopped nobody stopped to see if i was ok, other than the driver to make sure i got up. They just got on the train.I quickly got up and on the train, looking at nobody. I was embarressed, and still shocked. When i got to the airport(where i get off the train because its less than a mile from my house) i went to starbucks to get coffee, cause i definitely needed it after that. My hands were definitely shaking all of last night. I still am. And, i am equipped with bruises.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

long time no blog

I feel as though I have used that title before in a blog...I am going to try to update this blog more often. I used to blog on myspace, which is where about 90% of them are right now. Maybe ill re-post some of them to this blog. Then again, nobody knows about this blog that i know of. Well, maybe a few people. This is my private blog where i vent about things and people that i dont want anyone to read. Where i use bad grammer and don't capitalize like i should. Where i can be a rebel(ha!).

I am up at 9am on a saturday morning, the day of Trisha's wedding. Finally! I'm happy for her, but sad another one of my friends is being married off and i am still very single at the moment. There are a few prospects, but nothing serious at ALL. I'm a little saddened by that, but i know i wont be single forever. Im a great catch! I just have to find someone else to see that. See, im always positive, even when i'm not. My roommate is moving out in a few weeks to move to france. With his soon to be fiance. They just got together three months ago. Three months! Another of my friends- a GOOD friend, got engaged after two weeks. And another person i worked with that i was friends with got engaged after three dates. Three dates! Now, if these people can find it that instantly, why cant i? Maybe because I havent met the right person...bla bla bla...i've heard that all before...anyways, when this become a sob story?

I adopted two kittens-they were brothers that were remaining from a litter of 5 and i couldnt bare to seperate them. And god forbid i have kids because i already talk about the cats constantly. I would probably never stop talking about a kid. I like them though. I think they are the reason i am up at this hour on a saturday morning. Sam and jack are their names, and bless his heard sam isnt the smartest one in the bunch. And he is really emotional! I didnt know cats were like that. Jack is frisky, and gets into trouble, a lot. And he is a bully. Sam is almost twice the size as jack(he was the runt of the little and still very small) but jack steals food from him, toys, etc...sam needs to realize he can beat the crap out of him.

Im going to try to get back to bed. Im a little sleepy, and i need to stay up so i wont get tired drinking at the wedding!