she's not crazy just a little misunderstood...

This is me. Smiles included.=)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

stars and pizza and everything inbetween

Tonight while watching the weather report on the news i was told by Cindy Prezler, our neighborhood perky weathergirl, that we would be able to see the space shuttle and space station from my house in the sky. Amongst all of the trees and city lights the shuttle was going to fly straight over me.

It was only for two minutes at the most, but there it was, twinkling in the midnight sky above. There were no starts out yet, nor was the moon to brighten the sky. I of course waved and shouted hello to the astronauts hoping somehow they would be able to hear me subcounsciously. I looked like a little girl who is at the airport waving goodbye to her dad from the terminal while he was on the plane already and oblivious to what was going on in the airport. My neighbors outside thought i was nuts. More than they already do, i think.

Seeing the shuttle got me to thinking. Maybe one of the astronauts has family in St.Louis and was saying hello to them and shouting like a little boy and waving. Was he holding up a sign that said "Hello Brown Family!" from space hoping maybe they would see? And was he wondering if we could see the beautiful lights from the stars and how mysterious the moon looked with his face turned away?

They are thousands of miles away, yet i have to believe they are doing that exact thing right now as they pass over some unknown city over mexico. Maybe looking at the gorgeous water and craving a shot of tequilla and wanting to be home when all some think about on Earth is being anongst the stars in the sky(as opposed to the ones in Hollywood). Or home with their family eating dinner at the table and watching Family Feud shouting " Milk! Milk!" at the television screen.

What does this amount to? Enjoy what you have with you and don't take it for granted...

Monday, October 22, 2007


is the color of the day. Not sure what it represents, but that is what i am feeling today. So i dont know what is going on with the boy situation. I keep getting mixed signals, but am too chicken to just be like hey, what are you thinking? Why? I dont know. I need to talk to someone about it and see what they say. He is a pretty mysterious person in the first place, plus he is a guy so it makes it ten times worse to read his mind. Ahhh, if anyone out there reading knows about anything let me know!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

life in motion

It has been awhile hasnt it? Well let me catch you up....i started working 6am-2:30 daily at kohls balancing their registers and dealing with deposits. Let's see, what else...dated on and off but nothing serious. One of my best friends joined the Navy and moved to Virginia. I guess Virginia is for lovers cause he got married and she lives there now with him and their cute doggie.

My nephew is huge and getting old now. I've been reading and writing more and more lately. Spending too much money on concerts like always. In the last two years i have been to probably over 100 shows. yay for me. Not so yay for my bank account.

I have many things to talk about but i will leave this as the end for now. To be continued...