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Sunday, September 13, 2009

train story!

So yesterday while leaving school and going to the train i had an interesting expirience. I was catching the train from class and was running a bit late. My train was already at the station, and the train going the opposite way(going right-mine was going left) was coming. It was still far enough away that i could run across the tracks and make my train. I didnt want to wait the half hour for the next train, so being my stupid self i ran across the tracks, trying to beat the train. So what happens? I slip on the snow. Try to get up, and slip once again. And again. The train is now about twenty feet away from me. People on the platform are staring at me in awe, yet none of them helping me. The horn is honking on the train, which is quickly approaching. Finally, i roll out of the way literally seconds before being hit. I was about a foot away, if that, from the train rushing by me on the right side. After the train stopped nobody stopped to see if i was ok, other than the driver to make sure i got up. They just got on the train.I quickly got up and on the train, looking at nobody. I was embarressed, and still shocked. When i got to the airport(where i get off the train because its less than a mile from my house) i went to starbucks to get coffee, cause i definitely needed it after that. My hands were definitely shaking all of last night. I still am. And, i am equipped with bruises.


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