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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So i had this dream the other day. I have this huge crush on the security guy at my job. Not like a i want to have your babies crush, but a omg your hot kinda crush. SO anyways, i have this dream that 3 of my best friends that work there, the security guy, me, my best friend, and the overnight guy Rob(who yes, i DO want to have his babies one day and i am getting closer to it!=) Anyways, let me get back on track. I had this dream that we were all taking a night class together. Nothing weird, just all of us sitting in a classroom, and then leaving at the end of class. So, i was telling one of the girls who was in my dream about it, and who comes walking around the corner? The security guy! He heard me say, " and matt was in it too" to the girl and he was all like what was i in? So then she says, oh sarahs dreaming of you matt. So then i had to explain the dream to him, and what does he say? " so was i good?" with a smirk on his face and then started laughing. !!!!

So yeah, i was embarrassed. SO, now everytime he sees me he says, so uh sarah, hows that english class going? with a smirk on his face like hes thinking" haha, shes dreaming of having sex with me!" because he totally didnt believe the whole school thing, which was actually what the dream was. That happened on tuesday.

SO , today what does he(security guy) do? A manager(that we are all clsoe with(shes hilarious!), me, him, the overnight guy, and 2 other employees are in the breakroom, and he says, " so sarah, hows that english class going?" and starts laughing. SO then i have to explain my dream, and they all BUST up laughing, including overnight guy Rob. My manager said, " sarah, you know i will have to tease you about this everyday now. You know i will never letyou forget it." Then, and i know this part does look a little suspicious, she comes up to me privatly and says," so is that why you wanted to know if he had a girlfriend when you called a couple weeks ago?" i tried to deny it, but its too late. Sigh...i hope people understood this. And this may not seem too embarrassing to anyone, but my face was red the whole time, esp if you know me and what i am like.

On a bright side, i did talk to overnight guy and we talked about upcoming concerts that we are going to go to.=)

Happy thanksgiving everyone! I love you all!


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