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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

tired so tired

So i have a job interview tomorrow for Saks 5th Ave( I am likely to get the job. An old manager that used to work at kohls with me is a manager there, and when i told her i was looking to apply to a new job she was all happy and giddy. And i got called for an interview 2 days after i turned the application in. SO why am i awake at almost 3am when i should be sleeping? The interview is at 12 tomorrow afternoon, and i still have to iron my clothes, buy stockings, and go to class before it. That means getting up at like 8. Plus i have to look nice and not tired. I dont know, i guess I am nervous.
I also feel incredibly guilty about leaving Kohls. The day after i turned in my application two of the managers there were in the office, and i was saying bye to them, and they both said how great a job i did up front, i am always dependable and to a great job, and although i may not hear it enough, i do a great job and they are really proud of me. They even said they couldnt handle my job. So, that made it worse. What i might do is if i am hired at saks, then go to my managers there and be like, i was hired there, i love it here, i really dont want to leave, but i dont make enough here...and see what they say. Hopefully it is sarah, please stay. We love you. We will give you a raise to match them. Or, they could say, im sorry you feel that way, and im sorry you are leaving. Well miss you. Hopefully its the first.

On a different note, i watched the stepford wives today. It was a great movie! Not something i would have paid for, but a great one to rent.
Anyways, i have to get to bed. Be good while i am sleeping World.


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